The Logitech Harmony 550, the Ultimate Universal Remote?


Okay Everything Loaded, Now What?

Logitech has conceivably thought out everything with this remote. On the bottom of the remote is an IR Receiver. Simply open the Harmony software and select Add Command. The Harmony Software will guide your though each of these steps. Simply position the original remote a couple inches from the Harmony and press the command that you want to add in the original remote. The Harmony Remote and Software will take it and add it to the Remote’s Library of Commands.

So you have everything set-up with your remote? Well this is what it should look like. Below is the initial screen you are greeted with, the Activity Screen.

By hitting the devices button at the top, you are greeted by the individual commands for each component. This comes in handy if there is that command you use infrequently and don’t want it in your Activity Command Window.

By far the most user friendly command that this remote utilizes, and what I think makes it appeal to people other than tech enthusiasts, is its Help feature. This intuitive feature helps you when you encounter a problem. Say you press the Watch TV Activity Button, and you didn’t quite aim the remote at the devices correctly. The TV’s not on, but the remote thinks it is, now what? Well you hit the Help button. It runs you through a series of question. The first asks you to tell the remote which devices are on, and if they aren’t it turns them on. Then it asks you if the devices are on the right input, and adjusts them if need be.

Alright, your Home Entertainment Center is all set up, now was the remote worth its price tag? Read on to find out!

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