The Logitech Harmony 550, the Ultimate Universal Remote?


What Can it Do?

A lot of you must be thinking, “Look at this noob, he bought a $75 remote because he was too lazy to figure out how to get the cheap remote to work!” Well you would be right, but there are a couple things that set this remote apart. The remote comes in a package with 4 AAA batteries, the USB Cable, Remote Unit, and a CD with the Remote’s Software. This remote is programmed via an Internet enabled PC and a USB Cable. Logitech has compiled a massive database with every Home Entertainment component imaginable, and all their remote’s functions.

Setup is very easy – just put in the batteries, plug in the remote to the USB cable, and plug the cable to the PC.

The software does all the rest. First, it will ask you to enter in the brand and model number of the devices you wish to control. It will ask other basic questions such as if you still have access to the original remote, etc.

Setup is done 100% with the computer and is very straightforward. Logitech has simplified this software enough so that anyone can easily set up and use this remote quickly with a minimum of studying thick manuals and understanding learining codes.

Next we’ll look at setting up Activities, and the various screens and settings for the remote itself.

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