The CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The CoolIT Eliminator CPU TEC Cooler

Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

The CoolIT Eliminator was simple to install and was able to lower the processor temperature below air temperature, which is amazing.  The Eliminator looks great and unlike external water cooling kits all the Eliminator is completely internal and sealed.  Since all the weight is hanging off the computer case and not the motherboard the Eliminator is also ideal for those that travel with their desktop computers to conferences or LAN parties.

The TECs are easy to control thanks to the Thermal Control Module (TCM) that allows the cooler to be run at three cooling profiles.  The low setting is a bit too low for today’s dual-core processors, but medium seemed to be perfect for Intel Core 2 Duo processors running mild overclocks. At no time during my use of the Eliminator did I observe any moisture on the TECs and that is a good thing as moisture and water kills electronics.  

The Eliminator also has a few downsides that were noted during testing and they deal with the mounting hardware and cooling fan.  Not only did the mounting hardware fall below our expectations, it failed during use, which is not acceptable.  While keeping costs low is hard to do, it shouldn’t be done on mission critical parts that need to work for the device to work.  The size of the mounting hardware makes it hard be replaced locally if it fails as Home Depot and Lowes do not carry stand-offs or thumb screws of that size. The fan is also a bit loud and was much louder than most 92mm fans that we have used in the past. 

All said and done, using the CoolIT Eliminator was a positive experience and I liked using it enough to spend my day off driving around town gathering my own mounting hardware to fix the parts that broke rather than waiting for CoolIT to send down replacement parts.

The CoolIT Eliminator has an MSRP of $199.99, but can be found online for around $160 if you do some searching.

Legit Bottom Line:  The CoolIT Eliminator is by far one of the best coolers that I have ever used and if the mounting hardware wasn’t prone to breaking it would have gotten the coveted Legit Reviews Editor’s Choice Award!

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