Swiss Gear Pegasus Laptop Backpack by Wenger


External Impressions

Now the first thing I noticed as I took the bag out of the box was that it was quite evident that Wenger, maker of Swiss Gear, took ideas from their camping/hiking equipment lines when making this bag. Massive zippers, shock absorbing shoulder straps, heavy duty carry handle, and most importantly padding (both for protection and comfort).

Bottom no slip surface of the Pegasus

The bag itself is slightly bottom heavy to keep it upright and has a bumpy rubber/plastic surface that keeps the bag from scooting around when you dont want it to. So if you need it to move you have to pick it up and move it, try and scoot it with your foot and you will knock the bag over.

At the top of the bag you will find a beefy grab handle for those times you dont want to sling it over your shoulder. The grab handle is constructed of a plastic coated cabled that is riveted to the bag on each end and sleeved in a rubber type plastic material to protect your hand The only issue I see with this handle is that if you have a really small hand you may have difficulty getting a good tight grasp on the handle.

The zippers on the Pegasus

The zippers are also big and beefy. After a couple weeks of use I have yet to have one bind up.

The shoulder straps on the Pegasus

The shoulder straps are nice and wide to help distribute the weight; this is a good thing, with the bag weighing in at almost 5 pounds by itself, throw in a 7 pound 17 laptop and some other supplies for the road the weight will start to stack up. The shoulder straps are also shock absorbing, so as you are walking the bags bouncing motion is absorbed by the straps instead of your shoulders and back. There are also nice heavy clips that will allow the shoulder straps to be clipped together. The clip feature will be nice for those who walk or cycle to work; this keeps the pack securely on your back.

The back padding for the Pegasus

There is another nice feature to this bag to help your back and to help protect the laptop. There is a fair amount of padding, about an inch thick, that is in-between your back and the laptop. You will also notice the open space between the pads, this allows air to move between you and the pack.

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