Thecus N5500 5 Bay NAS Server Review

The Thecus N5500 is equipped with five hot-swappable SATA 3.5″ hard disk bays for up to 15TB of total storage capacity if you use 3TB hard drives. To protect this data, the N5500 lets you choose from a wide selection of RAID modes, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and JBOD. Read on to see how the 1.86GHz Celeron M processor does in the Thecus N5500 when paired with five 1TB WD Caviar Green hard drives.

By Shane Higgins

Corsair Force GT & Performance Pro SATA III SSD Roundup

Corsair has been putting out SSDs for awhile now and we have the chance to give some of their best drives a side-by-side test run to flush out any differences that may help with your purchasing decision. Featuring both Marvell and SandForce controllers, the Performance Pro and Force GT drives out up some impressive numbers but which one, if either, stand out? Read on and see.

By Joe Evans

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 750GB Portable Hard Drive Review

The Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro USB 3.0 external drive provides portable storage for all your photos, movies, music and documents. Are you also looking for cloud storage for your most critical files? If you grab a new Touro Mobile Pro external drive from Hitachi you get 3GB of free cloud storage! Legit Reviews plugged in the 750GB sleek USB 3.0 drive into one of our test rigs to see how well it performs.

By Bill Hentschell

Samsung 830 Series 256GB SATA III SSD Review

Samsung has joined the ranks of SATA III SSDs with their new 830 Series drives, following up on their impressive 470 Series. They’re sleek and black with performance that will grab your attention and a nice bundle to boot. Will it be enought to stave off the likes of SandForce, Marvell and Indilinx? Check out the article to find out.

By Joe Evans

OCZ Octane 512GB Indilinx SSD Review

OCZ forges their own path again with their homebrew Indilinx Everest controller featured in their new line of Octane drives. With up to 1TB of storage and read write specifications of up to 560MB/s and 400MB/s, will OCZ shake up the market and take the title of top SSD? Read on to see how this SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive does on the benchmarks!

By Joe Evans

SilverStone Raven RVS02 External USB 3.0 HDD / SSD Enclosure Review

The SilverStone RAVEN RVS02 is an external 2.5-inch hard drive housing that is designed to be portable and fast thanks to the Super Speed USB 3.0 connectivity. The enclosure is also screwless, so you can quickly and easily swap out hard drives. Read on to see how this affordable portable drive enclosure performs when we put it to the test!

By Legit Staff

Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive Review (ST750LX003)

What happens when you take a large handful of mechanical hard drive and add a pinch of solid state hardware? For Seagate, this formula produces their latest generation of Momentus XT hybrid drives that bring the capacity and price of a traditional spinning platter drive with some of the speed benefits of a solid state drive. Could this make the SSD makers nervous? Check out the article to find out.

By Joe Evans

Seagate Momentus 7200.5 750GB Hard Drive Review (ST9750420AS)

While not as glamorous as some of the exotic SSDs we have looked at lately, there’s still heavy interested in spinning platter drives and we had a chance to spend some quality time with the largest Seagate Momentus 2.5″ drive boasting an impressive 750GB capacity. How well will some of the new features increase performance? Read on to see.

By Joe Evans

G-Technology G-DRIVE Mini 750GB HDD Review

With the rise of SSDs, many notebook computers lack the plethora of storage they once had so G-Technologies offers their G-DRIVE Mini 750GB external drive for expansion. While more Mac oriented in design and function with its FireWire 800 connectors, it’s just as at home on a Windows machine through FireWire or USB 2.0 connections. How well does it perform? Read on to see.

By Joe Evans

SilverStone SST-TS07B External USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure Review

The SilverStone TS07 is a portable external 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure that features a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data interface for blazing fast file transfer speeds. SilverStone says that since this enclosure uses USB 3.0 technology that the TS07 the best choice for taking important data on the go. Read on to see what this product is all about and if this sub $40 HDD housing is worth it.

By Legit Staff

SilverStone SST-EC03B USB 3.0 PCI Express Card Review

The SilverStone EC03 is an internal expansion card uses a single lane PCI Express slot on the motherboard to provide SuperSpeed USB 3.0 functionality. Its single USB 3.0 internal connector offers output for dual front port USB 3.0 support. Is this a good solution to update your aging PC so it can support USB 3.0 devices? Read on to see what this inexpensive solution is and how it performs in our test system.

By Legit Staff

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI-E SSD Review

What happens when you take the screamingly fast, PCI-E based OCZ RevoDrive and physically pair it with a 1TB hard drive? You get the best of both storage worlds with both high speed and high capacity. But can the RevoDrive Hybrid compare favorably to a traditional SSD/HDD setup or even the Intel SRT technology in terms of performance and value? We do the grunt work to find out!

By Joe Evans

Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD Review

We’ve already had a look at the Corsair 120GB Force 3 GT drive and now it’s time to give the non-GT version a go on our test bench. These drives are virtually identical save for the type of NAND flash employed and a paint job. Will that make much of a performance difference? Have a read and see how this drive with asynchronous 25nm NAND Flash performs on our test system against tons of other SSDs!

By Joe Evans

WD My Passport Essential 500GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

The Western Digital 500GB My Passport Essential portable hard drive features a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port for fast file transfers along with data backup software called WD SmartWare that helps keep your data safe. Read on to see how the WD My Passport Essential performs and how the backup software actually works as we put this external drive to the test!

By Nathan Kirsch

Crucial M4 SSD Firmware Update (0009) Boosts Performance

When we first tested the M4 drive, we found the performance to be decent but it lacked some of the performance of the similarly equipped Intel 510 Series drive. Crucial has released a new firmware update that claims to make significant performance enhancements. Exactly how much improvement will it elicit? Have a look at our test to see the performance now versus then.

By Joe Evans