SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Mouse and Headset Reviews

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Final thoughts on the Diablo III Mouse and Headset

Diablo III Mouse

Even though I had a minor setback with the mouse, after using the Diablo III mouse and headset for about a week, I am very happy with the results that SteelSeries and Blizzard put into this combo.  The mouse is comfortable to use and is highly configurable for use with Diablo III or any other application for that matter.  The LED slow pulse illumination, along with the graphic designs, makes this mouse look absolutely awesome.   The mouse is also made of quality parts from the gold platted USB connector, to the double-braided cord all the way through to the switches that are guaranteed to work for 10 million clicks.  According to SteelSeries, 10 million clicks is 3x more than the average mouse, saving gamers both time and money.

Diablo III Headset

Its counterpart, the headset, is also made of quality parts, is comfortable to wear and has great quality sound that just can’t be beat.  The LED trigger pulse illumination, along with the graphic designs, makes this headset look absolutely awesome as well.  The only issue I have with either device is that I can’t wear my gaming glasses with the headset.  The Diablo III mouse retails for $58.66 shipped and the Diablo III headset retails for $118.28 shipped on

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LR Recommended

Legit Bottom Line: The Diablo III mouse and headset combo are definitely worth every penny considering the quality and cool factor that was built into each device not to mention the overall boost in gaming experience while using these items.

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