SteamOS on a Sub-$400 Gaming System


Inside the SteamOS

steam-os-interface-1 Once the SteamOS is completely installed and you’re logged into it the the first page we see is pretty simple. There are three main choices, the first is a link to the Steam store, the second is a link to your personal steam Library, and the third is to your profile. Up top, there is another link to your profile, time, settings, power commands (shut down, restart, etc) and a link to the Beta information page. steam-os-interface-4 Heading into the Steam store within the SteamOS, it automatically lists out the featured games. Down along the bottom of the page, we can find several different options to search the games, whether you want to look at the top sellers, controller friendly, or the daily deal. steam-os-interface-5 When first heading into the games library it shows us the our recently played games. Just below the recently played games, there are options to choose from music, games, and screenshots. steam-os-interface-6 When I click on the Games button on the bottom of the screen, it brings me to my games library. At the top of the page there is a drop down menu that lists out a handful of options. The top choice is Games I Can Play, here it list only 18 of my 62 games! This definitely caught me off guard! I was hoping I would have access to all of my Steam games in the SteamOS. steam-os-interface-10steam-os-interface-9 The pair of screenshots above layout the 18 games that are available for me to play from my library. Steam lists 1480 games available for use with the SteamOS, that’s roughly 16% of the total number of games in the Steam Library. steam-os-interface-8 Despite not being able to play the entirety of my games library directly through the SteamOS, the SteamOS does list everything that I have in there. steam-os-interface-11 The SteamOS does come with a built in web browser and Steam was kind enough to give us some bookmarks already in place to some of the more popular social networking sites including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and the ever important