SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Flash Drive Review

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iOS Connectivity

One important change between Android and iOS, is that for iOS, you will need to go into the WiFi settings and manually connect to the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive.

SanDisk Wireless Flash iOS Main Menu

The main file menu for iOS looks very similar to Android, however on the iPad there is a large grey area to the right of the folder listing.

SanDisk Wireless Flash iOS Photos

That large grey area turns into a preview window for photos, and a video player for videos.

SanDisk Wireless Flash iOS Downloads

You can access your download folder within the SanDisk iOS application, which would allow you to access those files.  Photos and Videos are automatically added to the Camera Roll instead of being placed in the Downloads folder.

SanDisk Wireless Flash iOS Upload

 In the upper right corner is a little icon representing the flash drive, pressing that icon provides a sub-menu to upload files to the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive.

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