SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Flash Drive Review

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SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Overview

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Box Front

The front of the box is designed to catch potential consumers eyes in a retail setting.  The flash drive is shown, along with a nice graphic portraying the sharing of files from the Wireless Flash Drive.  The amount of storage is clearly presented and the picture of the flash drive is shown at its actual size.

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Box Back

As this is a retail oriented packaging, the back of the box goes over all the features that the Wireless Flash Drive offers.  This is great as a potential consumer looking at this in a store, might not be aware of what this flash drive can offer them.

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Packaging

Packaging and Accessories for the Wireless Flash Drive is pretty basic.  The flash drive is in a plastic tray that will keep it protected from most damage, and there is a little quick start guide included in the box; on the flash drive itself, is a full user manual.  

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Cap

Overall, the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive is black with a big silver button in the middle.  This button, activates the wireless capabilities, which allows users to connect.  It doesn’t use a traditional cover for the USB port, instead it uses a sliding shroud for the connector.  This is great as there is no cap to loose, however it does mean the USB connector can get dust on the contacts pretty easily.  The middle of the flash drive is a textured area, which gives the drive a fancy look.  On one side of the flash drive is a little compartment that stores the Micro SDHC card.  At both ends of the flash drive are two LEDs, there is an Orange LED by the cap that indicates activity, while a Blue LED at the far end indicates WiFi activity.

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Micro SDHC

Under that little door is the Micro SDHC card.  SanDisk has pre-installed a 64GB UHS-1 card; instead of the usual red/gold or black Micro SDHC cards, this model is white. 

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Back

The back of the drive isn’t much to look at, a few certifications, model name, model and serial number; all pretty standard.  On the end is a little place to attach a lanyard to hang the Wireless Flash Drive on a keychain or bag.

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