ROCCAT Skeltr RGB Gaming Keyboard Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusions

ROCCAT has delivered the Skeltr. A membrane keyboard made with a dense plastic paired with awesome features and RGB backlighting. Let’s compare the primary pros and the cons we went over throughout the review:

The keyboard offers a device dock that fits smartphones and tablets of different sizes. With the simple press of a button the user is able to answer calls on their smartphone device, listen to audio on their phone or tablet, and type to devices through Bluetooth. There is RGB lighting on the keys and four separate lights on the sides (two on each side) that can easily be customized through the ROCCAT Swarm software. Unfortunately, the membrane keyboard sells for $159.99 USD and the rough backlighting may make customization difficult. In addition, there was no mention of a warranty on the packaging or website.

ROCCAT Skeltr - home setup

$159.99 USD sounds like a lot to ask for when purchasing a membrane keyboard. Regardless, considering all the features of the ROCCAT Skeltr it seems as if the pros outweigh the cons.

The ROCCAT Skeltr can be purchased from Amazon here.

Legit Bottom Line: The ROCCAT Skeltr is a durably built membrane keyboard with RGB backlighting and a number of useful features for the price of $159.99 USD.