ROCCAT Skeltr RGB Gaming Keyboard Review


Checking Out the ROCCAT Skeltr

While a lot of beginning gamers try to make the clicky transition into the world of mechanical keyboards, sometimes there are reasons to stay with membrane keyboards. When given the option of a gaming keyboard with RGB lighting and features (like the ones on the ROCCAT Skeltr), it may be enough to convince the consumer to choose unconventional keyboard features paired with a membrane keyboard as opposed to the tactile and click delivering mechanical keyboards.

Out of the box, one of the first things noticed is that the ROCCAT Skeltr is a very heavy and durable keyboard. The frame and keys are made with a heavy duty durable plastic that feels like it can take the weight of trying to carry a team. It takes a small amount of effort to apply enough pressure to press the keys and this is good for having to type or play for extended periods. One of the nice and unmentioned features is a small bump on the W key used for finger placement. This is a good choice due to most games using WASD or QWER keys and having the W key in common.

ROCCAT Skeltr KeyboardAs mentioned before, there is a slit at the top of the keyboard which holds tablets and phones. This is useful for those who frequently check on their phones or use their phones as an additional screen for gaming or presenting information.

One of the cool features is that the user can connect their phone to the keyboard through an auxiliary cable. Once connected the user can switch between the audio of the PC and the audio of their phone through whatever listening device they prefer to use. Therefore, there’s no more need to remove the headset and go AFK for a phonecall. With the simple press of a button you’ll be able to hear the caller and they will be able to hear you through the microphone on your headset. ROCCAT Skeltr - Manage audio and callsAnother very useful feature is the simple connection of the keyboard to phone through Bluetooth that allows to switch between typing to the computer and typing to your phone. Without having to worry about quickly dropping your phone when needing to get back to your game just simply press the toggle key at the top right of the keyboard to quickly switch between devices.

ROCCAT Skeltr - Type to DeviceAlthough the RGB lighting is a wonderful addition to the keyboard not all of the lights seem to illuminate as brightly and lacks the smooth transitioning between the different colors that most other RGB keyboards seem to have.

ROCCAT Skeltr - Home setupOn this page we went a little in depth with describing some of the key features offered by the ROCCAT Skeltr keyboard including the toggle button that allow users to switch between audio of their phone or tablet and PC, Bluetooth connection of the ROCCAT Skeltr to smartphone or tablet, as well as touched on the dim illumination of some of the lighting as well as transitions between different colors. On the next page we will go over the ROCCAT Swarm software that allows for RGB customization as well as a few other things before we finish with our conclusion regarding the ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard.