ROCCAT Skeltr RGB Gaming Keyboard Review



Simply plugging in the ROCCAT Skeltr into your PC will allow you to use it but many useful functions will be missed without downloading and installing the software: ROCCAT Swarm. ROCCAT Swarm allows our ROCCAT peripherals, PC, and devices such as smartphones and tablets to communicate. This allows for useful features like the control over RGB lighting, shortcut macro keys, and monitoring your PC’s hardware usage.

The default page for the ROCCAT Skeltr displays the profiles that can be created for different games or other uses wherein players would be able to set their macros and desired lighting.

ROCCAT SwarmPlayers can choose between several lighting presets: Fully lit keeps the keyboard lighting on but one can choose to have the colors go through a full spectrum cycle. In blinking mode, the lighting blinks in and out of a chosen color. The breathing, pulsing, and heartbeat are essentially the same as the blinking mode with the difference of the frequency and rate of the blinks. With all four of the previously mentioned presets the effect speed can be slowed down or sped up to fit user preferences. The live heatmap preset is a fun RGB preset that illuminates the keyboard with activity. The more the user types or as activity becomes more vigorous the keys change colors throughout the cycle but once the user stops the keys dim down. In addition to the presets, the four lights on the sides can also be fully customized.

ROCCAT Swarm - Key IlluminationA nice addition is there is a variety of pre-made profiles for specific games that users are able to choose from and possibly build on. Among the presets are profiles for games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft.

ROCCAT Swarm - macro presetsSwarm Connect is a great part of the ROCCAT Swarm software that allows users to sync their phone with their PCs that allow for players to monitor the RAM used, CPU/GPU loads, temperatures, and clockspeeds, and much more. Users can control their media, key assignments, as well as backlighting all from their phones.

We just did a quick review on the ROCCAT Swarm Software. Come with us to the next page to see what we have to say about the pros and cons of the ROCCAT Skeltr keyboard.