Qstik EVOQ Bluetooth DSP Headset Review

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A Closer Look at EVOQ

Like many headsets, the EVOQ functions with only three buttons.  The main multifunction button on the front and two volume control buttons on the top.  By using various combinations of the these buttons, a user has the ability to answer calls, hang up, put callers on hold while swapping to another call, mute their conversation, pair devices, disable noise cancellation, disable automatic volume control, and reset the device.  The EVOQ has two indicator lights that illuminate in three different colors: Red, Blue, and Green.  Depending on the situation (pairing, standby, in-use, battery charging, battery low, etc) the lights will indicate the device’s status.

EVOQ Front


On the back of the device, you can see a simple but very secure ear hook and ear tip.  Although Qstik gives you multiple ear hooks and ear tips (2 of each), they are the same size.  This would indicate that these are replacement parts and not necessarily parts to help the user custom fit the device for their ear.  After removing and reconnecting the EVOQ’s ear hook I can pretty much guarantee that the hook will never just fall off.  It takes a bit of effort to get the thing off.  I would have much rather seen Qstik include different sized hooks and tips for a diverse fit for users.


Pictured below is the EVOQ sitting in its charging cradle.   The USB-mini plug is on the bottom and the stereo headset plug is on the top right of the picture.

EVOQ Plugs



Here, you can see the bottom of our EVOQ where the charging contacts and microphone are located.

EVOQ Bottom

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