PowerColor PCS+ AXR9 290X 4GB Video Card Review

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PowerColor PCS+ AXR9 290X 4GB Retail Box and Bundle


The retail packaging for the PowerColor PCS+ AXR9 290X 4GB is in a stylish looking black box that has a cut out in if for the red PCS+ logo. The front of the box clear states that this is a PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 290X video card. Then again there is no mention of video card or graphics card anywhere on the front of the box.


The back of the retail box shows an exploded diagram of the card, power supply requirements and key features of the card.


When it comes to the accessory bundle you get a 6-pin PCIe power to 8-pin PCie power adapter, a quick setup guide and the driver/utility disc.

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