Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset Review

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Looking Closer at the Plantronics GameCom 780

Plantronics Gamecom 780 left side earmuff

The left side earmuff contains the button to turn the Dolby sound enhancement software on or off. When off the button is black as seen here. When the software is enabled the button glows with a dark blue glow.

Plantronics Gamecom 780 right side earmuff

The right side earmuff houses the volume control button and the microphone mute switch.

Gamecom 780 Mute Button Close-Up

The microphone mute switch works quite well and is easy to reach and control. In the down position (shown) the mic is muted. In the up position it works as per normal.

GameCom 780 Volume Control Close-Up

Underneath the mute switch is the volume slider. This button works as a momentary switch. It slides up (to turn the volume up) and down (to turn it down) then moves itself back to the center position as shown. When you move it up there is an audibly high beep to let you know you’ve adjusted the volume up and an audible low beep to let you know you’re turned it down.

GameCom 780 in Storage Mode

The earmuffs turn in only one direction to enable the headset to lay (mostly) flat on a surface for storage or transport to/from LAN parties and the like.

GameCom 780 Swivel connector Close-Up”

There are small red arrows on the rotating cuff that tell you when the earmuffs are aligned for use. I don’t particularly see the need for these as the earmuffs each only rotate about 90º from the flat position to the in-use position.

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