Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Stylin with Discovery 655

After using the Plantronics? Discovery 655 for a few weeks, I haven?t gone back to the older 640.  Even though this headset doesn?t live up to all the marketing touting the 655?s “crystal-clear” sound and “superior” digital voice quality, it is still a very solid in-the-ear headset.  If you work or travel in very noisy environments though, you might want to take a pass on it however. Otherwise, this headset works quite well and has very good sound quality when listening to your party on the other end.  Besides being very light and comfortable enough for long-term use, Plantronics has included a variety of charging options.  Normally, manufacturers will barely give you enough to charge your headset with a wall plug, here we are treated with a unique battery charger, and Plantronics throws in a USB charger as well!

Unfortunately, we are still on the lookout for that perfect Bluetooth headset. This perfect headset would not only have excellent voice and sound reception, but would gives us excellent noise cancellation in a loud environment.  Even though the Discovery 655 comes close, we are still not satisfied and think companies like Plantronics can do better. We will be looking at Plantronics to continue to lead the way in delivering innovative Bluetooth products in the future.

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Legit Bottom Line:

At a street price of $70, the Plantronics Discovery 655 doesn?t solve all the problems that a typical in-the-ear style Bluetooth headset has with voice and noise quality, but this is still a solid headset that works well with a variety of phones and comes with some first-class accessories including a vibrating alert.

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