Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset Review

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In the Box

We are always impressed at what Plantronics delivers out of the box.  Not only do they usually have excellent products, but they usually provide relevant accessories for on-the-go users.  They don?t disappoint this time either.  Included with the Discovery 655, we get not only a AC charger, but a battery charger, a USB charger and three sizes of ear gels.

Discovery 655 and 640 side-by-side

Instantly, you can tell that the Discovery 655 is the updated cousin of the Discovery 640 (pictured above on the right) by the very similar size and shape.  The 655 has a new modern and sleek design ? we know that it doesn?t help with functionality, but it certainly looks good.  When Plantronics included the battery charger with our Disco 640, we thought that was a very ingenious addition that would make the purchase that much easier.  Now, with the 655, we have a battery charger that is roughly the same size, but vibrates with incoming calls.  So now when you are in a meeting or a noisy area and can?t use your phone?s ringer, you now have the ability to ?feel? your incoming calls.  High marks to Plantronics for this addition.

Discovery 655 in charger

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