Plantronics .Audio 910 Bluetooth Headset Review


What’s in the box?

.AUDIO 910 Box Contents

Plantronics delivers the .Audio 910 System with the headset, USB adapter, PerSonoCall software, a USB charging cable, and three sizes of ear tips. What wasnt included was a wall charger though. We had an extra charger left over from our review of Plantronics Discovery 655 and found it a much quicker way to charge the headset. If you get this set, it will be definitely worth it to track down a Plantronics wall charger to make your life easier as we found that the wall charger can fully charge the Voyager 510 almost twice as fast as the USB charger provided.

After charging the headset, fitting the headset on the ear was relatively simple. The Voyager 510 is designed to fit over-the-ear at an advertised weight of 17 grams. The headset is pretty light and once you get it comfortably on your ear you might just forget that you look like something out of Star Trek. I have never tried this type of Bluetooth headset because I just couldnt get over the looks. Preparing for this review of the set however, I was surprised at how light the set really was.

Plantronics 510 - a bit over the advertised weight

Im getting a bit ahead of myself. Let us review the controls:

There are basically four buttons on the body of the Voyager 510 that gives the user access to all functions of the device. The Power/Mute, Volume buttons and multi-function Call Control button are all placed in logical positions around the headset and each is fairly responsive to a users touch. The noise-cancelling microphone goes about a third down your face. The microphone is slightly curved and can be positioned to pick up your voice no matter how big or small your head is.

The call control button has the ability to answer and end calls from your mobile phone or through VoIP, you may also redial the last number, reject a call, use voice dialing, swap calls on hold, and transfer calls to and from the handset and phone.

Wearing the headset during the course of the day was easy. Unlike a lot of headsets, the ear piece did not need to be placed in the ear like an ear bud. Rather, it comfortably rests right on the entrance of the ear canal. The foam padding on the speaker and relatively light weight of the entire set makes the headset very comfortable to wear.

Stylin' with Plantronics

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