Overclocking The Intel Pentium D Processor 805

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Overclocking From Default

Intel Pentium D Processor 805 Test Platform



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Intel Pentium D 805


ASUS P5WD2 Premium

Video Card

BFG Tech 7800GTX

Hard Drive

Western Digital WD2500


Corsair Nautilus 500

Power Supply

OCZ 600W Powerstream

Operating System

Windows XP Professional

On our test system we ran 2GB of PC2-6400 memory at 4-3-4-8 timings.  During default testing DDR2 533MHz memory was run as the only available dividers allowed 400MHz and 533Mhz memory options.  At 190MHz FSB the memory was running with 4-3-4-8 timings, but at a higher frequency of 760MHz.

Performance Testing:

We started off at default clock speeds and ran Super Pi Mod 1.5 and 3DMark 2005 to see how our platform performs.

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After running Super Pi Mod 1.5 to 1 million places we found that the benchmark took 48.578 seconds to complete and the overall 3DMark 2005 score was at 6551.  Not the most impressive of scores from what we are used to, but then again this is less than $130 processor right? 

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We then started raising the Front Side Bus up and found that while the system would post at 200MHz x 20 (4GHz) it would not load Windows no matter how much tweaking was down.  We settled at running a 190MHz FSB with a multiplier of 20. At this setting we were able to run the Intel Pentium D Processor 805 at 3.8GHz on the default voltages with no issues at all.  Our Super Pi time went frrom 48 seconds to 34 seconds, which is 14 seconds faster than default.  The overall 3DMark 2005 score went up from 6551 to 8416, translating to a 28.5% score increase.  If you do the math on the Super Pi time decrease it also shows a 29% performance increase. 

By going from 2.66GHz to 3.8GHz, a 1.14GHz overclock, we were seeing benchmark scores go up around 29% even though we were able to get an extra 43% clock frequency increase on the processor. 

Let’s take a look at the SiSoftware Sandra 2005 Multi-Media Benchmark

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At default speeds the 805 processor comes in a tad below the Intel 820 processor.  A score of 30290/35924 is respectable, but let’s see what we get at 190MHz FSB.

Image Description

Now that is more like it!  At a 190MHz FSB the Intel 805 processor easily passes up the Intel Pentium D Processor 840 and comes pretty close to the 840 Extreme Edition. 

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