OCZ PowerStream 520W PSU


Final Thoughts

Yves? Thoughts:

With the last power supply I reviewed, it was designed to do one thing and that was run silently. OCZ has no such restriction, thus giving it gobs and gobs of power. When friends ask me what to buy, and they do all the time, there are lots of products to consider. When it comes to power supplies I do not subscribe to the cult of ?more watts is better,? rather I feel that every power supply has its place and its strengths and weaknesses. OCZ, like I said, positioned the PowerStream for the upper end of the market. They are asking around $150 for this power supply and honestly I think it?s worth every penny. It is particularly true if you run a high-end workstation or are an avid overclocker.

The OCZ PowerStream has the power to take your overclocked Prescott to 4ghz, all while powering your water cooling setup, and your X800 XT-PE. Feel like adding a RAID0 Raptor array, no problem for this power supply. Quite simply if you need lots of power, clean and adjustable voltage, all while looking good and keeping quiet, then OCZ has a power supply with your name on it. So all of you out there looking to upgrade to a new FX-55 and 6800 Ultra SLI, think about putting some cash into a solid power supply, I would start with OCZ.

The OCZ PowerStream PSU has more strengths than weaknesses. With high wattage, adjustable voltages, quiet operation, and good looks that would sell it on merit alone. It?s when you start adding things like PowerShield and ConnectAll that OCZ proves its worth. If you?re building a gaming or overclocking computer in the $1000 range then putting $150 into the power supply is well worth the investment. An investment that ensures its operation past your college graduation (alas not mine though, seems I?m on the 4+2 plan). What could be better? Sheathing all the cables would be a nice touch especially with so many connectors. There are two fans, and they both should be LED fans.

Legit Bottom Line:

The OCZ Technology PowerStream PSU proved to be one of the best power supplies that we have seen in some time. The PowerStream 520 should be on the short list for enthusiasts looking for a PSU they don’t have to worry about.

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