OCZ PowerStream 520W PSU


PowerFlex and Interior

First, I need to apologize for anything resembling a brain. I somehow forgot
to get pictures of the power LEDs changing to their three different states.
You will just have to trust that they do. On the back of the OCZ PowerStream
there are three LEDs and directly above them are three potentiometers (pots).
These three pots control what OCZ calls PowerFlex, as in controlling the voltage
on the 3.3v, 5v, and 12v power rails. This allows you to adjust the 3.3v rail
from 2.8v all the way up to 3.8v, the 5v from 4.5v to 5.5v, and the 12v from
10.8v to 13.2v. All the while the three LEDs will tell you if you’re within +-5%
by showing green, yellow if your undervolting and red if your overvolting. Quickly
I have to talk about the lighted fan. I know it’s subjective but I have
to say that this is one of the best looking colors of green I have seen in an
LED fan. It looks downright edible, so like the iPod Shuffle, don’t eat
the fan.

There is not too much to talk about when it comes to the insides of this power
supply. Except for one recurring theme and size; the capacitors and transistors
are huge.

Here is a shot with the cover off and the fan on, all I can say is “where
one LED fan is good two is better” so how about it OCZ why did you only
put one LED fan in the PowerStream?

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