OCZ NIA – Will Gaming With Brain Waves Take Off?


Retail Box and Bundle

OCZ NIA Retail Box

The retail box for the neural impulse actuator is clean and simple on the outside with a clear picture of what the product looks like and the name of it. The back of the retail box talks about how advanced BioTechnology for gaming is the way of the future and how it will help you become imersed in the game as you will ‘become your character’.

OCZ NIA Retail Box Inside

Opening the magnetic retail box flap one will find the OCZ NIA nicely presented in the center of the box. The OCZ NIA retail box is one of the best we have seen as the product is properly displayed along with information about what th product is.

OCZ NIA Retail Bundle

The NIA bundle comes with the NIA headband, box, manual, software CD, and A-to-B USB cable: everything you need to start your NIA experience. The headband uses carbon nano-fiber sensors that is used to record the bioelectrical signals that are then sent to the ‘black box’ that then amplifies and digitizes the signal in order for the software to break down the data into computer commands. Just a couple wires to plug in and then a quick driver install and you’ll be up and running in minutes. There is no need to open your computer case as the OCZ NIA plugs into an open USB 2.0 port on your computer.

The NIA sounds like a great peripheral for the gamer’s arsenal! Let’s see how it works in real world play…

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