OCZ Gold 3700 DDR



This memory was absolutely stunning. We had seen people push this to 500FSB at different forums around the net. We have even seen some reports (from the forum at BleedinEdge) of people pushing this ram to 520MHz and 530MHz! That is something hardcore overclockers have been wanting for a long time, and now we have it! If you are looking for ram that will do VERY high fsb speeds, then you don’t need to look any further. If you are looking for ram to run tight timings, you will have to find another model of OCZ or another brand to try. This stuff was not made for tight timings, but for high clocking. Overall, there was really nothing that we were disappointed with while using this GOLDen product. We are convinced that our processor or our 9800 PRO was holding us back from clocking any further. Also, as stated, the lack of any more Vdimm may have also held us back. We are able to do some benches at 250 FSB, 1:1 with 2.5-3-3-7 timings and the “Turbo” Game Accelerator setting, but it was not able to run even a single occurrence of 3dMark 2001SE at that FSB. Here is a screen shot of that 250FSB bench.


  • “Gold” Heatspreaders look great in cases with windows
  • Clocks very high with relatively low vdimm (2.8 was max for us)
  • Dual channel kits to ensure compatibility
  • Amazing Benchmark Scores
  • Llifetime guarantee (OCZ customer service is great!)


  • Timings cannot be very tight at high speeds
  • Is rather expensive


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