OCZ Gold 3700 DDR




Here we see some pretty fantastic scores! We get a pretty decent jump in performance in raising the fsb, even though we had to lower the ram timings. We would be anxious to see the way this stuff would score if we were able to keep the timings the same at each fsb. Now, let’s look at our SiSoft Sandra scores.

SiSoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth – Buffered/Unbuffered

It was pretty sweet to see us reach 6000+ on the buffered bench here. Although we know that these are hypothetical scores, we still like to see these numbers being reached. The unbuffered scores will give us a little more of a true picture of performance. Let’s look:

Here is a better indication of how this ram is performing. These unbuffered scores are very nice and remember, these 3400+ scores are at mem timings of 2.5-3-7-3. We only wished that we had more Vdimm options (or had done the Vdimm mod) so that we could push the voltage to at least 3.0. That would have no doubt allowed us to reach tighter timings, and therefore, even higher scores in these benchmarks.

Let’s wrap this up…

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