NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Case Review

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Unboxing the NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Case

The box arrived at our labs a little banged up but no worse for wear with a few corners crunched which is not surprising after the trip over from China.

 NZXT Phantom 820 box front
The front of the box is simply an image of the case with the Phantom 820 badge.
NZXT Phantom 820 box right
The right side of the box had marketing text in seven different languages highlighting some of the features of this large full tower .
NZXT Phantom 820 box rear
Around the back are several images of the  with top, inside, and feature views.  If you were picking this case up in store retail it would be easy to see if it has what you want with the nice photo layout.
NZXT Phantom 820 box left
The left size of the box has some basic specifications for the NZXT Phantom 820.
NZXT Phantom 820 packing
Even thought the box had the normal shipping dings and dents the foam end blocks did a fine job keeping the case damage free.  A look at the outside of the NZXT Phantom 820 is next.
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