NZXT Beta Mid Tower PC Case Review


NZXT Beta – Final Thoughts & Conclusions

The build quality is surprisingly good for a budget case. There are no acutely sharp edges or corners, the panels slide off and on with ease and the drive bays are sized properly not overly spacious or tight. The NZXT Beta case primarily employs rivets and bends for its construction with nary a weld in sight. The panels are thin and somewhat flexible but not excessively so and the aforementioned interior paint appeared flawless to my visual inspection.

NZXT Beta Hose Holes Inside

I always try not to read up on a product until I have had enough hands-on time to form my own opinions and avoid any biased feelings good or bad. As such, I knew little about the NZXT Beta case beforehand and now that I have spent some time building it out, I can say that my overall impression of this case is positive. It certainly bested my expectations in several areas for a case in this class. The inclusion of an eSATA port, water cooling hose pass-through apertures, finished interior and dust filters are all features one may not expect to find in a chassis that can be purchased for less than $50. At this price point, higher-end features sprinkled in really help set products apart from the rest.

NZXT Beta Dust Filter

With all that said, prospective buyers should be aware of features absent that might be important to them. Most glaring is the absence of a rear fan but again, some may see this as a plus so they can choose their own fan. Second is the lack of 3.5 bay opening in the front for a floppy drive or multimedia card panel although there is a 3.5 internal cage for mounting. Some components require a screwdriver for but the most frequently accessed can be done by hand. Finally, HDD’s will really be best installed with right angle SATA cables to avoid potential issues with clearance of the side panel.

NZXT Beta Power Button

Regardless, I think NZXT has a winner on their hands with their Beta mid-tower case considering the sub $50 price and great design so I am awarding it the Legit Reviews Value Award.

Legit Reviews Value Award

Legit Bottom Line: For those on a budget looking for a solid case minus the frills but offering more than the average comparable chassis, you can’t do much better than the NZXT Beta.

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