NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review


Gaming Use and Conclusion

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

Using this mouse is very slick in most games. Even though it has a very good weight, it is just slightly too light for what I am used to. The fact that it is ambidextrous initially caused me to think it was less comfortable (coming from the right-handed Death Adder), but after a lot of use it felt very comfortable, so it is a big positive. The DPI switcher works very well especially in class-based games such as Team Fortress Two. When going from a precision class like sniper on the lower DPI to the fast-action scout class I can just turn up a click.

The Forward and Back (secondary) buttons take some getting used to because they stick out a bit more than I think they should and are fairly sensitive, but when web browsing they come in very handy once you know to use them. The scrolling wheel is smoother than the Death Adder’s because it is not as geared specifically for quick-switching weapons in-game (by being notched). Though it does still work very well in that respect, it is just slightly better for web browsing.

The only real flaw that I could notice over weeks of use is that the side LED’s cannot be turned off with software, which is only a problem because the desk with my computer is at the headboard of my bed, and the LED’s illuminate the wall, so this is certainly not a hindrance to a lot of consumers.

When it comes to pricing, the NZXT Avatar currently runs $69.99 plus shipping, which makes it one of the higher priced gaming mice on the market today. If you like an ambidextrous designed mouse (or share a computer in a household that has left and right handed individuals) and are looking for something new to help your gaming performance then be sure to check out the NZXT Avatar. I look forward to seeing more NZXT mice in the future, as it competes very well with its competition with better options for the same price, and it being ambidextrous makes this an ideal mouse for the left or right-handed.

Legit Bottom Line: It seems NZXT has hit gold with the Avatar, and they have found their place in the gaming mouse industry.

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