Next-Generation Xbox to Be Media Hub

Microsoft Corp.’s next-generation Xbox gaming console will be more of a digital entertainment hub than its predecessor, making it even more of a PC hybrid than ever, Bill Gates told a meeting of business journalists on Monday. The console, code-named Xenon, is due to be previewed in an MTV half-hour special later this month. The …more

Spotlight on Spotlight

Spotlight in a Nutshell — Spotlight’s approach is simple: everything is indexed quickly and efficiently in an ongoing manner. Install Tiger and reboot, and the first thing the operating system does is index your hard disk. In multiple test installations, I didn’t even notice the indexing taking place, although some users report 50 percent of …more

Apple tries to recover in the classroom

Apple Computer announced on Monday that it will sell as many as 63,000 iBook computers to a Georgia school district in one of the company’s largest education deals ever. The sale is part of a new program, which, as previously reported, will provide 17,000 iBook G4 laptops this fall to all teachers in the Cobb …more

Limelight Networks Chosen to Deliver Xbox Live

Limelight Networks today announced it has been selected by Microsoft as the Content Delivery Network for Microsoft’s Xbox&153; Live, the online gaming service for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. With full implementation of Xbox Live on Limelight Networks’ powerful delivery network, the synergy of Xbox Live and the Limelight Networks platform will provide …more

Macromedia Extends Breeze 5 with VoIP

Macromedia has cast its Breeze 5 Web communications and collaboration software into the marketplace. Notably, Breeze 5 now has voice over IP (VoIP) Internet telephony on top of its existing on-demand-video and real-time conferencing capabilities. The upgrade arrives just as rival Microsoft debuts Service Pack 1 for Live Communication Server (LCS) 2005. Unlike Microsoft’s LCS, …more

In-Stat Analyzes Carrier Movement to VoIP

In-Stat, a high-tech market research firm, predicts that the migration of the international telecommunications industry to VoIP will reach its peak in the 2010-2014 time frame. The firm says that consumers and small businesses will ramp-up to VoIP over the next four years, with incumbent carriers lagging about five years behind. Communications Convergence

Firefox Frenzy

As new web browser gains in popularity, retailers need to re-assess their site design Until recently, it seemed a safe assumption that most end- users would access web shopping sites using Microsoft Internet Explorer indefinitely. Depending on who was counting, more than 90% of hits were from Internet Explorer. The exceptions were typically anti-Microsoft zealots …more

How “search” is redefining the Web ? and our lives

Is the search feature really becoming the new “fabric of our lives?”  Well, it’s certainly easy to imagine such a thing in this information driven age.  Certainly, the fierce competition and emerging innovations characterizing the world of the search engine today, says  a resounding Yes!  Great article.  When search engines can change the lives of pastry chefs, …more

Walk Softly, Leave A Small Footprint

Well, I’ve heard of waste management, but this is blimey!  But seriously, getting rid of electronic waste is a huge issue.  I recently discovered how difficult it was to get rid of some old computer equipment responsibly while working on a volunteer project a few months ago.  On London’s bustling South Bank, the WEEE Man has …more

Firefox a Realistic Alternative to Explorer

If you’ve been thinking about switching to the popularly touted new browser, Firefox, or would just like to have a second browser and an alternative to Explorer, this article will guide you through the configuration process. So what difference does it make what browser you use? Firefox is simply more secure than Internet Explorer when it …more

palmOne Treo 650 PDA/Phone Review

The folks at XYZ Computing recently put palmOne’s latest PDA/Phone hybrid device through its paces. I’d seriously consider this for myself if my wireless provider carried it. This, and many more reviews from the Net can be found at our forums. The Treo 650 is 4.4″ x 2.3″ x 0.9 and weighs 6.3 ounces. This …more

First Look: Tiger Lives Up to the Hype

Now that Apple’s Tiger has pounced, there is one question on everyone’s mind: Is this latest release of Mac OS X worth 129 bucks? The answer is yes. The improvements are not just cosmetic, as Mac skeptics are likely to snicker. Rather, new features such as Tiger’s desktop search tool are powerful enough to change …more

Zafi-D Leads Top 10 Viruses in April

Security! Security! Security!  You just can’t say it too many times. The virus Zafi-D, which first appeared on the Internet at the end of last year, led a monthly list of top 10 viruses for the fifth straight month in April. InformationWeek

Firefox Tops 50 Million Downloads

Open-source software group said Friday that its Firefox Web browser has been downloaded 50 million times since its release in November. The group attributes the popularity of its browser to the evangelism of the nearly 100,000 people participating in its “Spread Firefox” campaign. Mozilla has deemed the campaign, aimed at “wresting control from a …more