PCPower&Cooling Introduces ETX PSU’s for 1st QTR


PCPower&Cooling will be introducing two new PSU’s for 1st Quarter next year. The 700ETX, and 850ETX are designed primarily for dual video, dual processor environments. The latter will be introduced early in the 1st Quarter, with the 700ETX following soon after. Overclocker’s as well as PC-Enthusiast’s alike seeking a truly stable power source for their nForce-4 SLI motherboards, will certainly benefit from these hand built units, as well as those running dual Xeon Intel based boards. PCPower&Cooling indicated the ETX stands for “Extended ATX Form Factor” the units at 9″ in depth, will be substantially deeper then the atypical 5.5″ PSU, and will therefore require a minimum 20″ case-depth to house them.

“The 700 will be approximately $390.00 and the 850 will be approximately $490.00 each. The 700 has three +12 Volt Rails at 17 Amps each and the 850 has four +12 Volt rails at 17 Amps each, maximum of 66 Amps total”

Larry Aldridge, VP Sales PCPower&Cooling

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