MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 128GB SATA III M.2 Drive Review


ATTO & AS-SSD Benchmarks

ATTO v2.47

ATTO is one of the oldest drive benchmarks still being used today and is still very relevant in the SSD world. ATTO measures transfers across a specific volume length. It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and places the data into graphs that can be very easily interpreted. The test was run with the default runs of 0.5KB through 8192KB transfer sizes with the total length being 256MB.

ATTO – Intel Z97 Platform:

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 ATTO

Benchmark Results: Typically this is the best performance scenario for SSDs and as such, we see reads doing very well in the low to mid 500MB/s and the writes a little lower at around 443MB/s max which is about 30MB/s over the rated specification. Compared to the Kingston drive of similar design, writes are a little weak but way better than you’ll find in any spinning platter hard drive.

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 ATTO Grid

AS-SSD (1.7.4739.38088) Benchmark – Intel Z97 Platform:

We have been running the AS-SSD Benchmark app for some time now and found that it gives a broad result set. The programmer has worked very hard on this software and continues to make updates often so if you use it, show him some love and send him a donation. There are now three tests that are found within the tool and we’ll show the results from two of them.

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 AS-SSD

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 AS-SSD Grid

Benchmark Results: While we usually see writes drop in this benchmark as compared to ATTO, this is the first time we’ve seen write scores nearly fall off the table hitting a meager 140MB/s. There are old school hard drives that perform better. We suspect the lack of cache and limited number of NAND modules is a big reason for this result.

MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 AS-SSD Chart

Benchmark Results: The reason the writes dropped so heavily is that the controller clearly struggles with incompressible data as the graph shows.