Mushkin 1GB PC4000 Dual Pack



It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since out our 6-way DDR500 roundup shocked the community with some new testing methods and crowned a winner for the best memory on the market. Since we have posted our roundup we have taken a look at Corsair’s XMS Pro 4000 and today we have the pleasure of showing Muskin’s recently released 512mb DDR500 modules! This will be our 8th 1GB DDR500 module we have looked at, so we will give you a great idea of how in falls in place with the competition by the end of the review.

The Mushkin PC4000 memory modules came with flat black Aluminum Heat spreaders that covered Mushkins black painted PCB’s. Under the heat spreaders Mushkin uses Revision B Hynix IC’s on both 256mb and 512mb memory modules in their PC4000 series. Below are the modules after they have been removed from their static wrap. Nothing fancy needed for shipping as it is all going to get thrown away eventually.

Company Background:

Since this is the first product that we have reviewed by Mushkin we will give you a quick insider look into who owns Mushkin and what exactly they do. (Plus you will finally now why “Enhanced Memory Systems” is punched into the heat spreaders!)

Ramtron International Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company focused on creating widespread use of its proprietary memory technologies through both direct product sales and licensing activities with semiconductor manufacturers. The Company designs, develops and markets two types of specialty semiconductor memory products: non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) devices and high-performance enhanced dynamic random access memories (Enhanced-DRAMs). Ramtron’s FRAM products are developed and marketed by the Company, while its Enhanced-DRAM products are developed and marketed through its 80%-owned subsidiary, Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc. (EMS), and its wholly owned subsidiary, Mushkin Inc.

We have learned that in the recent months Ramtron International Corporation dissolved Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc. (EMS) for reasons unknown. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the same does not happen to Mushkin!

Now that you have a better understanding of Mushkin and the DDR500 module we are looking at let’s go in more detail and look at the features!

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