SteelSeries Sensei Pro Grade Laser Gaming Mouse Review

The SteelSeries Sensei is said to be the most customizable mouse to ever hit the competitive gaming industry. This mouse contains a 32 bit ARM processor, that powers sophisticated calculations directly on the mouse, without the need for software drivers and without having to rely on the computers processor. Will this gaming mouse be a product that could revolutionize gaming?

By jw

Western Digital WD TV Live – Next Generation Streaming Media Player Review

WD today introduced the next generation of its WD TV Live streaming media player! This updated version has Wi-Fi now built-in and is the very first media player on the market to deliver the Spotify music service. You can also stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, CinemaNow, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook and many other content offerings with this little $99 device!

By Ken Brown

V-MODA True Blood REVAMP Headphones Review

Did you know that V-MODA teamed up with HBO this summer to establish a collection of headphones for fans of the hit show True Blood? V-MODA Chief Visionary Officer and DJ, Val Kolton, has created a lifestyle brand that naturally aligns with True Blood’s sexy night life. Legit Reviews takes a look at the V-MODA True Blood REVAMP in-ear headphones today to see how they sound and what you get for $99!

By Nathan Kirsch

Griffin HELO TC iOS-Controlled RC Helicopter Review

Have you ever wanted to fly a remote-controlled helicopter with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? With the Griffin HELO TC iOS-controlled RC helicopter you can transform your multi-touch display into flight controls for an infrared helicopter for under $50. With the holidays coming up, we couldn’t help but take the HELO TC for a test drive to see how it performs!

By Nathan Kirsch

ASUS WAVI (Wireless Audio Video Interaction) System Preview

The ASUS WAVI solves the problem of how to look at something on your PC by wirelessly sending it to your TV! The WAVI uses a pair of boxes to transfer wireless transmission signals via HDMI allow for wireless cross-room transmission with a range of 25 meters at 5GHz, delivering real-time PC content to the living room TV. Could a device like this eliminate the need for a HTPC?

By Ken Brown

SilverStone SST-DC01B Network Data Center Review

SilverStone recently announced a network attached storage (NAS) device, called the DC01 that can also function as a media server. Legit Reviews puts this device to the test and we show you what it does, how the GUI looks and even performance test it to see how the NAS performance is. Read on to see if this device is well worth the asking price or if it is something that you need to avoid!

By jw

Thermaltake eSports Meka G1 Gaming Keyboard Review

Today is another chance to look at one more keyboard from the Thermaltake eSports line up. Thermaltake’s Meka G1 Keyboard is the top of the line product from the eSports division of Thermaltake, featuring NKRO, a USB Hub, Audio Pass through ports, and a built in wrist wrest, we get to put this heavy duty, military grade mechanical keyboard to the test to see if it’s build and features justify the price tag.

By charles

Cadence 4-Bit Binary Leather Watch Review

If you like collecting unique watches as a hobby or just like to impress your friends with something new and unusual, we have a treat in store for you today! We managed to get our hands on a 4-bit binary watch from Cadence and managed to give it a good one over. If you know what binary code is and want a good conversation starter then read on to see what this watch is all about.

By Nathan Kirsch

Thermaltake eSports Challenger Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we get a chance to look at another product from this Thermaltake eSports line up, with the Challenger Gaming Keyboard. With an extra USB Port, braided cable, cooling fan, and 14 programmable macro keys; this is obviously a keyboard aimed at pleasing gamers on a budget. Read on and see our thoughts on this new gaming peripheral.

By charles

OtterBox Reflex Case for iPhone 4 Smartphone Review

Today we are taking a look at the OtterBox Reflex case for the Apple iPhone 4. The OtterBox Reflex has a protective shell with crumple zones on it so it can protect your iPhone 4 from any falls. Plus, the Reflex Series snaps apart for convenient docking access! Read on to see how well the OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex series case can protect the iPhone 4 from being damaged!

By Legit Staff

SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Is the age of wireless gaming finally here? Today we look at SteelSeries’ first wireless headset, the SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb, based on their very successful SteelSeries 7h. Even though the Spectrum 7xb headsets are built especially for Microsoft Xbox 360 users, how well do they work for other consoles and the PC? Read on to get our take!

By Ken Brown

Netgear N600 DGND3700 Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router Review

Delivering the first dual-core processor in a home router, the Netgear N600 DGND3700 offers 2 USB ports, CD-less installation and an Ethernet WAN option for Fiber/Cable broadband access (with a cable/fiber modem needed), or a built in ADSL2+ Modem for DSL connections. With both Wireless N 2.4GHz and Wireless N 5GHz signals available, this router can broadcast over a long range or a short range with incredibly fast speed. Today we’ll be benchmarking this router against some common routers on the market.

By charles

Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset Review

More and more companies are coming to market with high end gaming headsets that are squarely aimed at the enthusiast crowd. Most of these headsets come with a premium price tag and lack the sound quality to be a truly great product. Does the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset fall into this category or do they break the mold? Looks like you are going to have to read on to see if they hit the mark or fell flat.

By bgiacoletti

OtterBox Defender Case for HTC Thunderbolt Smartphone Review

Today we are taking a look at the OtterBox Defender case for the HTC Thunderbolt. The OtterBox Defender has a tough polycarbonate shell on it with a built-in screen protector and over that a silicone skin wraps around it all for exceptional shock absorption. Read on to see how well the OtterBox Defender can protect my HTC Thunderbolt from being damaged!

By Shane Higgins

Tt eSPORTS BLACK Gaming Mouse Review

Today we are looking at the Tt eSports Black gaming mouse from Thermaltake. The Black is one of there newer mice aimed at the hardcore gaming audience and has a 4,000 DPI phillips laser engine. Read on to see how the mouse does in both gaming and day to day use.

By admin