Maingear EPIC T1000 Thermal Cooling Solution Review


Maingear EPIC T1000 packaging

Maingear packages the EPIC T1000 in a nice clam shell and puts everything required for a successful install in the package.
Epic T1000 package front
The front of the EPIC T1000 case is a nice label with an interesting warning on the bottom that states “Warning: For the extreme DIY enthusiast only, this product requires extensive knowledge and comprehension of CPU cooling and temperature monitoring.” Translation: this is not a simply place a pea of paste and crank down a cooler install.
Epic T1000 package rear
The back of the package list some of the key installation criteria such as cannot be used on coolers with exposed heat pipes and requires a re-flow process to function.
Epic T1000 package contents
Opening the clam shell we get all the items to make this installation successful. The fact the kit requires all these items and has a three page installation procedure let you know this is not for technically challenge people.

The Maingear EPIC T1000 kit includes:

  • 1 pair Nitrile gloves
  • 1 bottle of cleaning solution / Epic T1000 remover
  • 2 clean room quality lint free wipes (to be used with cleaning solution)
  • 3 page instruction manual
  • 2 CPU specific installations of Epic T1000 Phase Change Metal Alloy (PCMA) suspended in installation frames
Epic T1000 applications
This is a closer look at the two included installations of Epic T1000 in their protective frames. The frames come with a thin plastic protector on the top and bottom and stickers to make sure it is clear which side goes up (facing the cooler block).

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