Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Surround Gaming Headset Review


Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech has their own software that lets the user configure the G433 7.1 Gaming Headset to their personal preferences. The Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), which is at version 8.94.108 as of this writing is well laid out and simple to use. For the headset, there aren’t a ton of configurable options but the few that are there are robust and critical to get the most out of the cans.

As we saw with the Logitech Pro G mouse and keyboard review, the LGS becomes the one stop shop for hardware configuration if you have multiple Logitech gaming devices connected the system. On the initial screen, you choose your device to configure and at this point you can choose the color to match your actual device. Smartly, the color chosen appears in all subsequent screens though I did a poor job of capturing that as I noticed when I was editing the photos for the article. The next available configuration screen is the EQ where you can choose from a number of presets or create your own and save it to the headset. Here you can also set the overall microphone, volume, sidetone, and bass/treble levels along with ten bands of fine tuning at various frequencies. Next up is the surround sound settings starting with the room types which include 7.1, first person shooter, or Logitech Signature Studio. The DST Super Stereo Mode can be set for Super Stereo Front or Super Stereo Wide. You really need to play with each for various applications to see what sounds the best to your ears. The speaker mix allows for volume adjustments per virtual speaker location with each defaulting to 11 for some odd reason. It has a neat demo where it will call out each speaker location in turn so you can hear them from the perceived direction;

Also in the software is the ability to install Overwolf, which after install you can come here for various skins, apps, utilities, chats, along with a method for capturing/streaming gaming content. Clicking on the gear icon brings up the overall settings screen where you set things like allowing the LGS to start when Windows does, do firmware updates, set profile parameters, configure Arx Control for mobile connectivity, and access developer tools. It’s a very solid software tool with many features and nuances I didn’t even address and as when I used it with Logitech’s Pro G mouse and keyboard, I came away very impressed with the tool overall and how it easy it was to use.

Let’s get to the conclusion!