Lamptron Hummer 5-Port Military Switch Baybus



With all of the cables attached to the Hummer Baybus, it begins to get quite messy. For people that like to have the cables all tidy and out of the way (like me), trying to organise them is no doubt going to be a pain.

Lamptron Hummer Baybus Mounting

When I installed the Hummer, I only used 3 out of the 5 switches, and this is the resulting cable nest that it made:

Lamptron Hummer Baybus Mounting

Trying to connect the Molex connectors to the baybus was actually quite tricky in the small space that I had available. The short wires on the Hummer didn’t help as they weren’t long enough to pull them out of the drive bay, connect them in open space, and then put them back out of the way.

Once installed though, the cable nest wasn’t visible from looking at the side of the case, which was enough to satisfy me (for this review).

Lamptron Hummer Baybus Mounting

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