HP EX950 2TB SSD Benchmark Review

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Anvil Storage Utilities

Anvil Storage Utilities 1.1.0

Along with the move to a new platform, we decided to make a change in one of the benchmarks. There’s a relatively new benchmark called Anvil Storage Utilities that is in beta but close to production. It’s a very powerful tool that measures performance through a variety of tests which can be customized.

Anvil SSD Benchmark with 100% Compression (incompressible data):

Anvil SSD Benchmark with 46% Compression (Applications Test):

Benchmark Results: The benchmark results from the most recent build of Anvil SSD Benchmark showed that with 100% compression (incompressible data) that the HP SSD EX950 2TB scored 12,947.71 points. The drive topped out at 2,790 MB/s read and 2,852 MB/s write on the sequential performance test with 4MB file sizes. Random 4K QD16 performance hit 151,000 IOPS on read and 230,000 IOPS write.

The overall score on the HP EX950 2TB drive came in at 12,948 points with the standard SSD test with 100% compression. That puts it about smack dab in the middle of the dozen or so NVMe drives that we have recently tested on this AMD X570 platform.

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