GIGABYTE Brix Ultra Small Form Factor PC & Projector Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

GIGABYTE BRIX Ultra SFF PC & Projector Exterior Impressions

When I first saw the Intel ‘Haswell’ NUC come out, I wasn’t what I would call impressed. Perhaps I was among the masses that had been convinced that bigger was better. Don’t tell my wife that I’m admitting this, but maybe, just maybe I was wrong! Perhaps bigger isn’t necessarily better as I was certainly impressed with the GIGABYTE Brix BXPi3-4010 today. For a system that measures only 4.24″ x 4.5″ x 1.93″ including the projector I was ecstatic about the performance I was able to get from the Gigabyte Brix BXPi3-4010.

I really only have one gripe about the GIGABYTE Brix BXPi3-4010 projector and that’s the resolution. The BXPi3-4010 has a resolution of only 864×480. The low resolution didn’t lend itself to a lot of desktop real estate but I doubt that many will be  using the projector as the primary display. Once I plugged in my monitor via a HDMI cable I was able to run the system at 1920×1080 without an issue.


One of the features I like about the Brix BXPi3-4010 is the versatility of the unit. The fact that I can take the unit room to room or meeting to meeting without the need for a screen. I can let my kid fire it up in one room and stream some netflix over the WiFi, while my wife and I enjoy a break from his cartoons and enjoy some evening programming on network TV or stream our own choices on netflix. The next day I can take the Brix BXPi3-4010 to the office and run through a presentation without the need to find a projector. The possibilities are pretty much endless for the BXPi3-4010.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had any issues with my GIGABYTE products around the house so I’ve been fortunate enough that I haven’t had to take advantage of their warranty coverage. Though if you should happen to have an issue with the GIGABYTE Brix BXPi3-4010 PC & Projector, you are covered for a period of three years. Though take note that the external power supply is only covered by a one year warranty.

GIGABYTE Brix BXPi3-4010

Legit Bottom Line: It may not have the power I’m used to, but the GIGABYTE Brix BXPi3-4010 has more than enough power to do what it is targeted for. The ultra Small Form Factor, lower power usage, and the latest generation Intel Core i3-4010U  processor make the BXPi3-4010 a winner. Couple it with the projector and it makes it all the better!

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