Gennum nX6000 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Final Thoughts & Bottom Line

Gennum nX6000 Bluetooth Headset

Other than the occasional electronic glitch, the Gennum nX6000 has performed flawlessly in the weeks that we have used it.  The headset is pretty comfortable, but if you are not used to an in-the-ear-type of headset, you might be cautious of long-term use.  I had no problem with wearing it for long periods of time.  With the addition of the ear hook, the headset sits very lightly on your ear.

nX6000 is quite small

This headset is all about sound quality though.  The 120 MIPS DSP processor really stretches it legs on this and I never heard a complaint about my loud radio, or the wind, or the screaming kids on the playground when I was talking on this set.  Like I mentioned above, there was the occasional electronic static that I heard, but I’ll just blame my Cingular (“Now the new AT&T”) service for that!

We were almost not able to check the range of this set since I ran out of room and didn’t want to walk into the back yard.  It clearly has the range of more than 40 feet.  We started to hear a bit of static around the 30-35 foot range.  Obviously, your mileage will vary on this particular measurement, but again, during the weeks of use on this headset, we were never out of range of the mobile device we had paired it with.  The range of this headset is great.

Plantronics versus Gennum

The nX6000 is definitely comfortable, but not as comfortable as the Borg-looking Plantronics Voyager 510.  Even though the Plantronics headset looks and feels a bit large,  we are hard-pressed to find a more comfortable headset. For those users who are in need of a headset that covers the ear, instead of invading it, the Gennum Bluetooth set is not what you are looking for.  One of the main reasons for the nX6000’s above-average volume and long battery life is that the small speaker driver doesn’t have to work as hard as other headsets that just cover the ear, but have to pump the volume up for the user to hear.  Since the nX6000 sits in the ear canal, a smaller less power hungry audio driver can be used and still produce very clear sound.

One last thing to note is the ability to do firmware upgrades on this headset.  Gennum is the first company that we have reviewed to offer this feature.  The company claims that periodic releases can be downloaded to your PC and the user will be able to update the software on the nX6000.  This will, of course, help future-proof the headset and make any fixes or enhancements to the headset easy to implement.  We visited and saw that there were no updates to our headset at the time.  Considering this headset only hit the streets a few weeks ago, that is a good thing.  We are really encouraged that the company is getting behind their products like this making them useful for future iterations of mobile devices and wireless specifications.  Other headset manufactures should definitely take note.


Gennum nX6000

Legit Bottom Line:

Gennum once again comes through with a top notch Bluetooth headset in the nX6000.  For those looking for some of the best noise cancellation on the market today all packaged in a smaller-than-normal size, you must take a look at this headset that is well worth the $115 street price.


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