Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W Power Supply Review


Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W PSU Review Conclusion

Fractal Design is a renowned manufacturer with a good reputation about delivering quality products and the Tesla R2 650W power supply reflects that. Even though the company obviously tried to create an 80Plus Gold certified power supply for the masses, they maintained good quality standards, a fact which is also reflected by the 3-year warranty. Even though ATNG is not a very popular OEM, they did a great job with the Tesla R2 650W unit, as the power supply is very well made both internally and externally.

Fractal Design Tesla R2

The external quality of the Tesla R2 650W power supply is one of its strongest features. Even though it is not a modular design, the design of the chassis is excellent. We especially liked that Fractal Design sprayed the logos and tables onto the chassis instead of using stickers, increasing the aesthetic value of the power supply dramatically. The many and long cables however might become a problem in small cases or cases with a bad cable management design.

When it comes to performance, the Tesla R2 650W does well overall, yet it fails to surprise us. We did expect the electrical efficiency to be high, as it comes with an 80Plus Gold certification, which brings excellent thermal performance and very low noise levels as well. The electrical performance is good, with good voltage regulation and acceptable ripple suppression, yet enthusiasts would most likely ask for more from a high performance product.

Fan view

Despite its high quality, great appearance and very good overall performance, the Tesla R2 650W unit has a significant flaw; its retail price. We found the power supply retailing for $119.99 shipped at the time of this review, which is a tad high for a non-modular design, even for an 80Plus Gold certified power supply. Newegg offers 20 different 650W power supplies that are 80 PLUS Gold certified with 11 of them ranging in price from $85 to $115. It should be noted that the white version of this power supply is $109.99 shipped, so if color doesn’t matter you can save $10 buy going with a different color. Even though its price is not leagues away from the products of other manufacturers, without a doubt the Tesla R2 650W is going to be facing some very serious competition in the retail market.

Legit Bottom Line: The Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W is a high quality, well performing power supply. Its strongest feature however possibly is the excellent design and high aesthetic value, which ought to draw the attention of modders.