Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W Power Supply Review


External Design of the Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W

Tesla R2 650W

The chassis of the Tesla R2 650W power supply 165mm long, significantly longer than a typical ATX design, which might become a problem in confined spaces. Aesthetically, the beveled edges and the integrated honeycomb fan guard are characteristic of the Tesla series, while the milk white fan blades are subtly standing out from below the honeycomb guard.

Side view

Rather than using stickers, Fractal Design painted the table with the electrical specifications and certifications of the Tesla R2 on the right side of the unit.

Left side view

On the left side of the unit we found the company logo and the power rating of the PSU. Again, instead of using stickers, Fractal Design has painted them onto the chassis.

Top view

A very large snowflake star, Fractal Designs crest one could say, is embossed on the top side of the chassis.

Front view

The front side of the power supply is standard, with a honeycomb mesh covering most of the surface. Only an AC plug and the standard on/off switch are present.

Rear view

As this is not a modular design, the rear of the power supply is rather uninteresting, with only a narrow honeycomb vent being of notable importance.