Fractal Design Node 804 Micro-ATX Case Review


Fractal Design Node 804 Micro-ATX Case

Fractal Design is a Swedish company that focuses on designing computer hardware that keeps with the Scandinavian minimalist viewpoint. Currently, there are four case lines that focus on different aspects of the minimalist view. The Node series, is focused on home entertainment, designing the cases to be small and to look great in any environment.

Fractal Design Node 804 Full Side Window

The most recent case is the Node 804, it accepts both Micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, to keep it small though, Fractal Design has gone to a cube layout that separates the power supply and hard drives from the motherboard and GPU. As a cube case, it measures 344 x 307 x 389mm (WxHxD), with the case split almost in half for each of the two sections. Like most modern cases, the Node 804 supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0, up to 10 hard drives, enthusiast grade video cards and CPU coolers.

Fractal Design Node 804 and 304 SBS

While the previous Node, the Node 304 was available in both black and white, the Node 804 is currently only available in black, and includes a side window to showcase the interior components. The latest to the Node line is just becoming available, while it can not be found online just yet, we have been told it has a MSRP of $109.99, and will ship with a one year warranty.

Fractal Design Node 804 Vendor Fan Locations

While the Node 804 is fairly small, that doesn’t mean it lack cooling potential. With the separation of the various components, Fractal Design has made it so users can focus the cooling where they want it the most. The Node 804 can support up to twelve fans; four 120/140mm in the front, four 120/140mm at the top, two at the back of the case (one 120mm and one 120/140mm), and finally two 80mm at the bottom of the motherboard section. However, if liquid cooling is preferred that is also compatible with the Node 804; two slim 240mm radiators can be installed at the front or two 240mm radiators at the top, keeping in mind that each of these will have other restrictions, you could also swap the 120mm fan for a small 120mm radiator to cool the CPU.

Features and Specifications:

The dual chamber layout separates hot running components from the cooler ones and allows for unrestricted airflow over the motherboard, processor and graphics card.

  • Highly effective dual chamber case layout for best possible cooling.
  • Minimalistic design with an elegant brushed aluminum front panel
  • Unique hard drive mounting system, fitting up to 8 x 3.5, 4 x 2.5 or up to 10 x 3.5, 2 x 2.5 drives HDD/SSD
  • Three Fractal Design Silent Series R2 fans included with the case and space for an additional 7 fans.
  • Excellent water cooling support with space for up to 4 radiators simultaneously.
  • All intakes feature removable dust filters providing a dust-free interior.
  • Featuring a window side panel to show off your set up in style.
  • Additional space in the front to mount a slim optical bay drive and 2 x 2.5 drives.
  • Fan controller included.
  • Five expansion slots that allows for multiple GPU setups.


  • Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboard compatibility
  • 8 – 3.5 HDD positions
  • 2 – 2.5 dedicated SSD unit positions
  • 2 – Extra positions for either 3,5 or 2,5 drives
  • 5 expansion slots
  • 10 – Fan positions (3 x 120mm Silent Series R2 fans included)
  • Filtered fan slots in front, top and bottom
  • CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height
  • PSU compatibility: ATX PSUs up to 260 mm deep
  • Graphics card compatibility: Graphics cards up to 320mm in length. Graphics cards up to 290 mm in length may be installed if a fan is installed in the lower position in the front.
  • Velcro strap for easy cable management
  • Clear Window side panel included
  • Colors available: Black
  • Case dimensions (WxHxD): 344 x 307 x 389 mm
  • Net weight: 6 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD): 370 x 468 x 412 mm
  • Package weight: 7.7kg
Cooling system
  • Front: 4 120mm fans
    • (included is one hydraulic bearing 120mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Rear: 1 – 120/140mm fan
    • (included is a hydraulic bearing 120mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Rear: 1 – 120mm fan slots
    • (included is 1 hydraulic bearing 120mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Top: 4 – 120x140mm fans
    • (not included)
  • Fan controller: 1 – Integrated fan controller for up to 3 fans
    • (included)

Water cooling compatibility

  • Front (right chamber)
    • 240 mm radiator configurations up to 60 mm thick (with fans) and 278 mm tall are allowed.
  • Front (left chamber)
    • 240 mm radiator configurations up to 60 mm thick (with fans) and 278 mm tall are allowed. Using a radiator in this position prevents the use of a fan in the top position just next to it.
  • Top (right chamber)
    • 240/280 mm radiators up to 130mm thick (with fans) may be fitted if the HDD drive bays are taken out or placed elsewhere. No limitation to thickness.
  • Top (left chamber)
    • 240 mm radiator configurations up to 130 mm thick (with fans) will fit. Radiators in this position limits the height of memory modules to 48 mm tall.

Maximum radiator configuration: 1x240mm,1x280mm and 2x120mm radiators simultaneously.