Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Case Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I am very happy to see a company taking into account community feedback to improve on its product. The Meshify C was a great case, but there were a few things that could have been improved, like the nonremovable front filter, difficulty in removing the front panel, absence of USB Type C, and more. The Meshify 2 Compact does launch at a more expensive price tag compared to when the Meshify C first came out. But I think the improvements are worth the extra premium since modularity plays an important role in simplifying a build. This is a feature I hope to see in many future gaming cases.

This case makes a great case for a gaming PC as it provide great airflow in a compact enclosure. It includes all of the essential features needed for a gaming case. It comes with three fans, which makes it ready to go straight out the box. Priced at $109.99 MSRP with a two-year warranty, the Meshify 2 Compact receives our recommended award for its performance, stealthy aesthetics, and value.