Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Case Review


Meshify 2 Compact: Interior Review

The interior layout of the Meshify 2 Compact is very spacious for its size. It does support a graphics card up to 360 mm total length, but 341 mm with a front fan. The CPU cutout on the motherboard is very large to allow CPU cooler installation on motherboard without removing the board from the case. Speaking of CPU coolers, this case can accommodate a CPU cooler up to 169 mm in height. Although this is slightly less than the 172 mm CPU cooler height support on the Meshify C, that should not be much of a big deal since AIO liquid coolers exists.

Behind the motherboard tray, we find six pre-installed Velcro straps for cable management. The three straps at the front of the case each have alignment clips, which will improve the overall cable managing experience. Below the CPU cutout are two SSD mounting trays. The mounting trays can also mount on top of the power supply chamber for additional flexibility.

Taking a look at the power supply chamber, we can see two cutouts for cables. The smaller one towards the corner is ideal for an audio cable, while the larger one is ideal for larger cables. Because there are two mounting locations for the included SSD mounting trays, the larger cable cutout will provide enough room for the power and SATA cables while allowing other cables to pass through.

With the hinged front panel removed, we are able to slide the removable nylon dust filter off the mesh panel. This allows us to clean the filter without having to bring the entire front panel with us. This is a great upgrade from the nonremovable foam filter as seen on the Meshify C.

With the top panel removed, we can get a better look at the top removable nylon dust filter. Like the front panel, we can easily pop the top dust filter off for cleaning.

With the dust filter removed, we get a better look at the top fan mounting surface. The top of the Meshify 2 Compact can support up to a 240mm radiator. Since this is a compact case, motherboard components should have a maximum of 40mm in height to prevent physical contact.

Now that we have seen the ins and outs for the Meshify 2 Compact, let’s take a look at the build in the next section.