foneGEAR’s Mini Blu Bluetooth Headset Review

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Conclusions & Wrap-Up

foneGEAR's Mini Blu

I really didn’t know what to expect from FoneGear’s Mini Blu besides being small and light.  It certainly lived up to that as it was one of the smallest (in both weight and dimension) that we have used.  The headset actually performed quite well during our testing.  After a few hours on the ear, there was absolutely no ear fatigue when using the Mini Blu set.

The Mini Blu is not exactly going to turn heads when you walk down the street, nor will it get you to the front of the line at your favorite club in Miami…then again, you aren’t walking around with a phone booth on your shoulders either.  However, foneGear has produced a very nice looking Bluetooth headset that is designed for people who want something small and functional.

For those looking for a feature-packed headset that has active noise cancellation and voice enhancement built in, this is not the headset for you.  I have yet to see a quality headset with those credentials for under $80.  Users who want a simple upgrade to a cordless Bluetooth headset from a life of corded shackles should definitely look at foneGear’s Mini Blu.


Legit Bottom Line: For $50 this ‘mighty mite’ performs as advertised.  We wish the sound and microphone quality were better, but this is a functional and light Bluetooth headset that should work for most wireless users. Even though foneGEAR’s Mini Blu doesn’t ooze with extra features, it is a solid performer at this price range.

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