DeepCool Captain 120 AIO Liquid Cooler Review


Captain 120 Cooling Capabilities

During the benchmarking process, we will run the Intel i5-4690K at both a stock speed of 3.5Ghz and an easy overclock to 4.4GHz. This is a very moderate overclock, and spending more time you would most likely be able to overclock it a bit more.


To record the temperatures, Core Temp v.1.0 RC7 was used to log the temperature for 30 minutes while each application was being run. The temperatures on all cores was then averaged to provide a final temperature rating. The ambient temperature of the environment was 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21C).

The Captain 120 is a small AIO liquid cooler, using only a single 120mm fan. The other AIO liquid coolers that have been tested is the Corsair H105 and Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate. Both of these are larger and utilize more fans.

For benchmarks, we will be using several synthetic and real-world benchmarks to perform various levels of CPU utilization. These benchmarks include Prime95, 3DMark (Firestrike Extreme), and FarCry 4.

Idle Temperatures


Prime95 – In-Place Test


3DMark Firestrike Ultra


FarCry 4


Benchmark Results: Looking over the temperatures of the test system using the Captain 120, they aren’t terrible; as they are mostly load temperatures with the system running at maximum they stayed beneath the systems 90C thermal threshold. As expected, going from a 120mm up to a larger AIO Liquid Cooling system you’ll get better temperatures.

Captain 120 Power Consumption

To measure power consumption, a Kill-A-Watt meter was hooked up to the computer at the wall outlet. The computer was allowed to sit at the desktop for 30 minutes without any additional software running and used the average whole number that the meter displays. While running the Prime95 test, we grabbed the power consumption using the same method from the Kill-A-Watt meter.


Benchmark Results: Power usage for the DeepCool Captain 120 shows a difference between the other larger AIO coolers, which makes sense removing up to 3 fans depending on the AIO. The Captain 120 doesn’t use a lot of power to cool the system.