CyberPowerPC ZEUS Thunder 2500 SE Review

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x264 HD Encoding & WPrime

x264 HD Encoding Benchmark

Simply put, it is a reproducible measure of how fast your machine can encode a short HD-quality video clip into a high quality x264 video file. It’s nice because everyone running it will use the same video clip and software. The video encoder (x264.exe) reports a fairly accurate internal benchmark (in frames per second) for each pass of the video encode and it also uses multi-core processors very efficiently. All these factors make this an ideal benchmark to compare different processors and systems to each other. We are using x264 HD v5.0.1 for this test.

x264 HD Encoding Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results:
The x264 HD benchmark is very CPU intensive and it showed the Zeus Thunder 2500 SE averaged 84 FPS on the first pass and 18 FPS on the second pass.

wPrime v2.09

wPrime is a leading multithreaded benchmark for x86 processors that
tests your processor performance by calculating square roots with a
recursive call of Newton’s method for estimating functions, with
f(x)=x2-k, where k is the number we’re sqrting, until Sgn(f(x)/f'(x))
does not equal that of the previous iteration, starting with an
estimation of k/2. It then uses an iterative calling of the estimation
method a set amount of times to increase the accuracy of the results. It
then confirms that n(k)2=k to ensure the calculation was correct. It
repeats this for all numbers from 1 to the requested maximum.


Benchmark Results:
The CyberPowerPC Zeus Thunder 2500 SE uses the Intel Core i7-3770K ‘Ivy Bridge’ processor and we found 32M test completed in 5.979 seconds and the 1024M test completed in 177.294 seconds. These are pretty impressive scores! If you are thinking about upgrading your PC you can download this benchmark and run it for free to compare. 

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