CyberPowerPC ZEUS Thunder 2500 SE Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Zeus Thunder 2500 SE showed us that you can get a very nice custom PC from a large system builder like CyberPowerPC. The wide variety of components that you get to select from and the unbeatable prices are impressive. If you are looking to build a new PC you should really take a look at what CyberPowerPC has to offer as you might be surprised. Besides some minor paint scuffs we found nothing wrong with the Zeus Thunder 2500 SE that we were sent to review. Usually there is something we’d do different or find something we don’t like with pre-built systems, but that wasn’t the case here today at all.

CyberPowerPC Zeus 2500 SE

We also really like how CyberPowerPC will overclock your PC by up to 20% for free and 30% or beyond for $50. When we fired up the system for the very first time we were happy to see it running at 4.7GHz with no adjustments needed on our end. CyberPowerPC set up everything perfect and the system was rock solid and lived through every torture test we through at it – this system was stable! Not bad for a system that was shipped over 1,500 miles and assembled half way across the country. 

At the end of the day you can buy the CyberPower Zeus 2500 SE that we reviewed today for ~$1899 shipped. As we showed you in the introduction, it would cost more than this to buy the same exact hardware yourself.  You then have to spend hours assembling it, install all the software and drivers and of course dial in the overclock. If CyberPowerPC has all the hardware components you want to use then you might as well let them do it all and save yourself both money and time. Since all the parts used on this system are non-proprietary you can upgrade it easily down the road yourself. 

The CyberPowerPC Zeus Thunder series has nine different models with prices starting at $1125. If you are wanting to build a system with the Intel 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge processors or 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge processors, you should really give these systems a closer look and see if one is right for you. 

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Legit Bottom Line: The CyberPowerPC Zues Thunder 2500 SE turned out to be better than expected and shows that CyberPowerPC can make one heck of a computer.

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