Corsair Flash Padlock USB Flash Drive Review


Using The Drive

Youd think a device with the ability to keep out the bad guys would be difficult to operate. Youd be wrong. When the device arrives, it is unlocked. You can set a passcode by following the instructions provided. Holding the key button for about 3 seconds will ready the drive for input and the red and green LEDs will be lit. Pressing the numbered keys, key in a passcode using up to 10 digits (any after 10 will be ignored). When done, press the key button again and the green and red LEDs will blink. Finally, you need to re-enter the code for verification purposes and press the key button a final time. The green LED will blink to notify you that the passcode has been set successfully.

Red Light

Using the drive is even easier. Press the key button, your combination and the key button again. The green LED will blink for 15 seconds and before it stops, you must plug it into a USB port in order for it to stay unlocked. Once plugged in, it remains unlocked. Once operational, it behaves as any other external drive. Voila! Its important to note that you can perform the unlock procedure before or after the drive is plugged in and it did not lock itself when I rebooted in my test.


As with any password or combination, it is important that you do not forget it! If the combination is forgotten, the drive cannot be unlocked – period. Luckily, the folks at Corsair had enough foresight to plan for this eventuality and have given you a safety net by allowing you to register and store your combination on their website at where you can retrieve it if forgotten.

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