Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Case Review

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Storm Scout 2 Packaging

Storm Scout 2 Box Front

When it comes to packaging of computer related products, Cooler Master constantly one of the most colorful, and the Storm Scout 2 chassis packaging is no exception to this.

Storm Scout 2 Box Left Side

Turning the box to the right 90° Cooler Master lists the general specifications of this chassis.

Storm Scout 2 Box Back

On the backside of the box, Cooler Master prints the general features of the Storm Scout 2 chassis.

Storm Scout 2 Box Right Side

On the final side of the box Cooler Master places an image of the Storm Scout 2 chassis and prints what is included and contact information in several languages on the lower right hand corner.

Storm Scout 2 Box Opened

Opening up the packaging that the Storm Scout 2 comes in, shows that Cooler Master uses a tradition packing method to ensure that this chassis does not get harmed during packing and shipping.

Storm Scout 2 Accessories

The included accessories that will come with the Storm Scout 2 chassis:

    HDD slides

  • Motherboard standoffs
  • Wire ties
  • A PC speaker
  • Various chassis screws that will be needed to install of our computer components into this chassis

Storm Scout 2 Chassis

What the Storm Scout 2 looks like once it has been removed from the confines of its packaging.

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