Cooler Master N600 PC Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Cooler Master has included almost every option an enthusiast would want on the N600.  The cooling features are top notch, allowing for multiple water cooling radiators or up to 10 fans spread across every side of the case.  A simple looking case will appeal to some, while others will want one that has more flash to it.  The N600 fits in the middle, being simplistic while having the ability to have enough flash to look great.


The entire front bezel has a honeycomb pattern, allowing for a large amount of airflow.  Behind the metal bezel there is a fabric filter; the same type of filter is on the other three fan intake locations, but not the left side panel fan intake.  Making the filters removable would be a great feature, but of course that might increase the cost a little.

While installing components in the N600, I kept looking for flaws.  However, everything went into place with ease.  Most video card will not have a problem being installed even if 3.5” drives are installed in the convertible drive cage.  For those that need the extra room, the drive cage wall can be removed to allow the extremely long video cards.


Cables are easily hidden behind the motherboard tray allowing for a very clean installation.  The extra power supply cables could have been hidden better either below the 3.5” drives, behind the tray or behind the 3.5” drive cage.

If I was to be extremely picky for improvements, I would have to say making the rails fit 2.5” drives without the need for screws would be my first recommendation.  Secondly, more 2.5” drives can fit on the back side of the motherboard.

There were no major issues with the N600, installing components is a breeze, cable management is done easily and there are many options to keep everything cool.  For between $80.46 and $89.99 plus shipping you will get an extremely well-built case, with 2 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, multiple cooling options and a 2 year warranty.

Legit Bottom Line:  If the styling of the “N” series is to your liking, the N600 offers the advanced features that enthusiasts demand at a budget friendly price.


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